Matching grant

Today  the First Christian Church of South Bend did an amazing thing. They offered a $50,000 matching grant to Good Shepherd. This is the church that sold us the building we had been renting for seven years, and they are the ones who have watched us grow and given us the encouraging thumbs up every step of the way.

Now, we have a lot of renovation work to do this summer, and they have once again stepped up and offered us a way to make that happen. A challenge grant.

We do not have a wealthy parent base. In fact, that’s the thing that makes us who we are, we are deliberately and pro-actively socioeconomically diverse. We are that way because we believe that that is how our children will learn in the most real way, to be with those who live in neighborhoods that might never have been explored if it weren’t for the school. That is who we want to be. An independent school focused on diversity.

So here we have a challenge grant to get renovation work done, and within 2 hours we had raised $10,000. Amazing.

And it is amazing that the church has such confidence in our vision, a vision that is completely crazy in every respect of the term, but is so totally focused on the child, that it can’t be denied.

So I remain grateful and humbled by the great gift of the good people of First Christian Church of South Bend. I promise to do them honor by living up to their high expectations.

(And let me know if you want to make that $50K gift happen quicker!)

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2 Comments on “Matching grant”

  1. dwdriscoll Says:

    $21,000 raised in 24 hours. We can do this!

  2. dwdriscoll Says:

    We are up to $33,000 raised. Please join us in raising the rest! Email me at because I can’t figure out how to do the PayPal button!!!!

    Thanks, everyone!

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