Grand and lofty ideas

“We seek to sow life in the child rather than theories,to help him in his growth, mental and emotional, as well as physical. And for that we must offer grand and lofty ideas to the human mind.” –Maria Montessori

“Grand and lofty ideas.” That keeps my attention with Montessori. Nothing is small. When the goal is a world at peace, it is hard to think small.

The Montessori elementary years connect all learning by way of the Great Lessons–impressionistic and exciting stories about the coming of the universe, the coming of life to earth, the coming of humans, the creation of language, and the creation of numbers. The stories give context for learning, so that when a child is working on the parts of a flower, she is doing so in light of the creation of the stars. Everything in the universe is intimately and irreversibly connected.

Fundamental human needs offer the foundation for culture, as children continually wonder about what it means to be human, what is necessary in human existence, and what is not. Cultural studies guide the curriculum and bring context to learning, connecting humans across time and space. Math and language become all the more alive when investigated in context of culture. When the child chooses among a variety of curricular areas and focuses on what intrigues her most, a spark of imagination is ignited that propels the child deeper into the fire of grand and lofty ideas.  All done in context of cultural studies, forged initially through the great lessons.

In this manner, by way of the great lessons and cultural studies, grand and lofty ideas launch the learning process, which in effect then leads to grand and lofty ideas. New ways of thinking are celebrated, both historically and in the present time; we immerse the child in grand and lofty ideas and observe the exciting formation of new thinking, the birth of creativity.

Grand and lofty ideas inspire greatness.

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